Last year,I was seated on those typical ‘kanjo’ (NCBD) seats,somewhere inside the ’98memorialgarden along Haille Sellasie avenue,facebooking and tweeting(like I always do when Im bored).Then i saw a tweet from @kot-kenyans on twitter-about Esther Kinuthia of MissIndependent(thisisess.com),I did some background research to really understand who this all-eyes-on chiq is.I searched her on the net (call it googling or binging)-pun intended-and I waz amazed by this self-driven and ambitious lady,she is only 22yrs old but she is balling-slang intended-in the league of the Movers-and-the-Shakers.
At her tender age she has achieved heights that many of us would have possibly reached (if at all our dreams are really validated) when we hit our 40 yrs.
I can write a million different amazing things about this young lady everyday in different ways,without ever repeating any post about her(Need I say that she is my role model)but to cut the long story short,I learnt something from her favourite quote ‘REFUSE TO BE AVERAGE’ that is what im striving to do…I don’t want to grow up an average teenager,I don’t want hussle like an average kenyan youth,I don’t want to influence people in an average manner,I don’t want to get into those average telenovelas relationships that air daily on tv,I don’t want to get myself an average job,I don’t want to spin an average car,I don’t want to live in an average hood,I don’t want my kids *then* to go to average schools,I don’t want to get the average things in life…but it is not easy,First one must shift from one’s comfortzone,one must accept to act like the man in the arena(Roosevelt ref to WorldWar histories),the man whose face is marred by sweat,blood,tears and sand..the man whose hands are actively fighting to survive…the man whose tendons are sliced up by bullets but still he gets up and fights back again..then man whose eyes have turned red because of the dust and the tears and the blood..the man whose legs have been torn because of the landmines and the grenades…the man who understands the value of a war and the sweetness of a well-deserved victory…the man who knows the need to fight for his survival,..the man who knows not taking orders from his seniors,for in his heart lies the passion and the vim to see the war end up in a victory
that man is usually not an average soldier,for an average soldier takes command from his average senior who at the time is not in the battlefront,one who relies on his messengers so as to know the progress of the war….The man in the arena is led by his heart..,and not by his mind,for his mind is influenced on seeing the sophisticated armour of his opponents,but his heart knows better than to let the challengers overpower him.. The man in the arena is never an average.
That is what i strive to do in my own small ways,do not peg your life on the your-dreams-are-valid crap,your dreams are never valid if you stay in your bed,they will expire and become nightmares and you will live your life with regrets knowing that you knew the right path but you never bothered to follow it.
I don’t want to lead a generation that not only knows what needs to done,I want a generation that does what needs to done.
I will use what life has thrown unto me to model what I want to have…
Dubb me a ‘wanna-be’,I am fine with that because even Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic was once a wanna-be.
I don’t want to live by the fake-it-till-you-make-it quote,no..I won’t fake success,I will strive to earn a place in the league of thrones.
Someone once said that success is a combination of efforts,no one was born a failure and still no one was born successful..we were all born average,and its damn cosy and comfy being average but everyone dreams of a legacy,but no legacy was ever made by average personalities.
You may ask yourself,where do I start from I don’t even have a tool to gear me to achieving my dreams,well in ancient times-there were no computers,no phones,no telecommunications….but someone somewhere started from scratch and made a computer-he started off from nothing-in simple terms ;use what you have to get what you don’t have.